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Committed to providing educational programs that develop excellence in our students

Small class sizes for Preschool - 8th Grade students
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Programs that promote our schoolwide student learner outcomes: G.O.A.L

Godly Citizens  |  Outstanding Communicators  |  Academic Achievers  |  Loving Christians


Godly Citizens who

  • Value every human being as created in the image of God
  • Relate to others with respect
  • Engage in community service
  • Resolve conflicts considerately
  • Practice responsible stewardship of God’s creation

Academic Achievers who

  • Reach or exceed all academic benchmarks
  • Creatively apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information
  • Demonstrate organizational skills
  • Eagerly pursue lifelong learning

Outstanding Communicators who

  • Relate proficiently orally, in writing, and with technology
  • Express ideas through art, music, drama, and foreign language
  • Share the Gospel effectively
  • Articulate and defend their Christian worldview

Loving Christians who

  • Profess faith in Christ
  • Understand their value in Christ
  • Apply Biblical principles in life’s choices
  • Grow in the knowledge of the Word
  • Realize God’s love and acknowledge his authority
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Excellent academic progarms have been a cornerstone of Trinity Lutheran Christian school since its inception in 1971.  At Trinity, academics begin in preschool where our youngest benefit from purposeful instructional time that is balanced with developmental play opportunities. Our elementary and middle school students surpass national and state standards, and more importantly, due to our small class sizes and CEP protocols, meet and exceed personal academic benchmarks.

As a private Christian school, Trinity has a choice over the standards followed and the curriculum chosen.  As a dually accredited school, (accredited by NLSA and WASC), parents can be assured that we follow best practices based on sound educational research and curriculum to meet our student’s needs.  Merely meeting grade-level standards is not the goal for our students. Rather, our curriculum is carefully chosen and implemented to provide an opportunity for all students to exceed grade level standards.  

Our alumni are equipped to thrive at the high school of their choice, many of them testing into rigorous specialty programs (STEM, Engineering, Medical) and/or choosing to participate in a rigorous academics path of AP and Honors courses.

Performing Arts

Research has indicated that students that participate in the performing arts have higher academic achievement, confidence, poise, empathy, and compassion.*  At Trinity, performance is a consistent thread that unfolds as students progress from preschool through 8th Grade.  Our entry-level performances include school concerts in the spring and fall for our preschool students. Our elementary students have weekly music classes and participate in the spring or fall musical.

Beginning in kindergarten, students can participate in the TLCS Musical Theater program that culminates in multiple, ticketed performances at the Brea Curtis Theater in the spring. In addition, Trinity students host chapels, providing the message and leading worship.  

*Sivertsen, Juliette. “Washington Christian Academy Blog.” 5 Great Ways Performing Arts Can Benefit Your Child,

leadership academy

At Trinity we believe that being a leader is not an option, therefore it is part of our core curriculum.  Someone is always following our actions and being affected by our words or choices, therefore being a leader is not a choice.  The choice of leadership lies within how we lead, how we treat others, and the ability to apply discernment when choosing to follow.

The TLCS Leadership Academy, a program beginning in 5th Grade, develops character traits, leadership skills, and discernment through leadership classes, on-site internships, faculty mentors, and student choice opportunities through leadership focus strands (Ministry, Arts, and Political Science & Debate).

 This program benefits all students on the campus, preschool through 8th Grade. Our preschool through 4th Grade students experience the benefits of the middle school leadership program as recipients of the internships: classroom aides, STEAM Big Buddies, Big Buddy Chapels, Middle School Worship Team, and the Hands-On STEM Fair.


Knowing how to think critically, persevere, convert failure into success, and solve problems are some of the most important skills a person can have.  These skills need to be learned through challenging, yet supported experiences. The TK-5th Grade STEAM Program, partnered with the 6th-8th Grade leadership STEAM Big Buddy internships, develops those critical skills through weekly integrated STEAM activities.  

Some of the activities that students participate in are: coding, circuit board explorations, engineering challenges, geometric reasoning challenges, fish training, and science inquiry labs.

Keys to Praise Piano

Are you looking for piano lessons for your preschool, elementary, or middle school child? Would you like the convenience of an on-site studio right here at Trinity?

 Welcome to Keys to Praise! We offer group music lessons for preschool/TK children ages 3 1/2-5 and private piano lessons for children in K-8th grade. Through caring, creative, and comprehensive instruction we make music lessons fun and engaging for any age. 

 For more information and contact/registration information, go to and be connected with the Keys to Praise team. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.  If homeschool is the best fit for your family but would like to broaden your child’s experience, ready them for a traditional school experience, and/or the area of study they need is outside of your comfort zone, Trinity can help.  

Homeschool partnership program students are integrated with our full-time students, which allows them to build lasting friendships while learning the course content. If your student wants to attend a traditional high school, begin readying for that transition in 5th or 6th Grade.  

To be eligible to register for courses and programs through the homeschool partnership program students must be currently registered with a homeschool.

summer camp

Camp Titan, TK-8th, is a great mix of fun in the sun programs and activities (Messy Wednesday, Water Play, Free Choice Sports), indoor class sessions with dedicated Camp Counselors (Science Labs, Art Projects, Math, and Language Arts), and weekly Field Trips.  

Camp Titan helps kids to recharge their social skills, and therefore confidence, by unplugging with special group activities led by skilled Camp Counselors. Camp Titan is open to the public and Trinity students and it is a great way to transition students newly attending Trinity in the fall.

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