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Small class sizes for Preschool - 8th Grade students
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Every parent wants the best education for their kids.

The problem is, studies show that children have a hard time learning in large class sizes.

Through small class sizes, a custom education plan for each child, intentional leadership development, a robust performing arts program, and dedicated STEAM content, Trinity Lutheran Christian School provides the best opportunity for your kids to become all that God created them to be.

Small Class Sizes

Research shows that students in smaller classes perform better in all subjects and on all assessments when compared to their peers in larger classes, and these students continue to experience benefits, even in larger classes later on. Trinity class sizes are less than fifteen students on average.


Through science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, Trinity seeks to inspire students through innovative, collaborative, and unique age-appropriate learning opportunities during dedicated STEAM classes at least once per week.

Leadership Development

Every person is already a leader because someone is always following you – where and how you lead is up to you. At Trinity, behavior managment is replaced with a system for encouraging and affirming godly citizenship by instilling independent confidence, critical thinking, and accountability through leadership internships.

Custom Education Plan

Our children are individuals, so adhearing to one-size-fits-all standards is not enough. At Trinity, each student is educated and assessed based on their own unique capabilities and gifts, and are challenged to move beyond their personal comfort zones so they are constantly growing in new ways.

Performing Arts

No matter the role they play, as a member of the cast, students are encouraged to move beyond their comfort zones as they learn teamwork, encouraging others, poise, service to a greater cause, risk taking, perseverance, self discipline, and emotional maturity.

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Don’t let your child get lost in the crowd.
eBook: How Class Size Impacts Student Learning

Class Size PDF

How can we best improve student learning? Research indicates a number of factors, including funding, teacher skill, length of school day, curriculum, pedagogy, and class size.

Above all the others, reduced class size has persisted as a key influencer in student achievement through thirty years of research, and there are no indicators that this will change.

To learn more, download the eBook.

What Parents Are Saying …
“My children received everything they needed to be prepared in life from Trinity.”
“The small classroom environment, loving teachers and leadership classes make it a very unique and exceptional school.”
“Comparable to prep schools, but for Preschool through 8th grade.”
“The musical theater program is outstanding and creates stars in the making.”
“The teachers are spectacular and are practically family because they know every little detail and quirk about our kids. I call on them often to assist me in the next stages of parenting as I watch my kids growing up so quickly.”
“My child’s teacher is superhuman and an excellent role model to our kids. He teaches how to build your character, show respect, be the best that you can be.”
“Teachers that love kids and love what they do change your kid’s life forever. They motivate them to learn more, excel more, reach for more and grow. That is what I want for my kids and that is what I got.”
“My daughter won academic and arts scholarships at Orange Lutheran High School because of Trinity. The love, support, challenge, friendly atmosphere and passion to go beyond is there, so the tuition is worth every penny.”
“Trinity will always be our home and family. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child the best experience possible during these critical formative years. You will be forever thankful you made the right decision as parents!”
“The teachers and staff have been outstanding partners as they helped to develop our son into an outstanding student and a loving Christian.”


Where are they now?

Learn how Trinity prepared these students for their futures.


Trinity Lutheran Alumni go on to thrive at top high schools, colleges, and universities.

“If it weren’t for the knowledge and experience that I received from Trinity Lutheran, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you SO MUCH for everything!”

Katie Berg
Class of 2011

“I won an academic scholarship and arts scholarship to attend Orange Lutheran High School because of Trinity. The love, support, challenge friendly atmosphere and passion to go beyond is there, so the tuition is worth every penny.”

Taylor Furlong
Class of 2016

          Orange Lutheran                   


Don’t let your child get lost in the crowd!

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